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Core Services :
  • Sharepoint design & management

  • Content management

  • SQL Server migration

  • Asset Management

  • CRM support

  • Sharepoint server migration


 Our Professional Services Division provides businesses without the necessary resources or internal expertise in the areas of IT Management,  Application and Web Development, Project Management, Networking, Help Desk, Database Management, and System Integration. We have a program we dubbed "CTO Rental" where you can use our IT expertise without the cost of having a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) on staff.

    Is a multi-skilled IT service provider with a highly competent workforce and strong global presence. With years of expertise in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies. Our Consulting & Technology Services help clients deliver innovation to their customers and improve cost and effectiveness by leveraging Information Technologies.  We are a leading UK Microsoft partner with one of the highest credentials in deploying sharepoint based portal solution. 

    Our clients include some of the largest organisations in the Asia and over the last 3 years our projects have included global intranets, cloud based solutions, portals and line of business applications. Whether you are looking to outsource a complete project, or fill a gap in your project team our highly experienced team of designers, developers, architects and consultants will be able to advise on the most effective path forward. We focus on Consulting, Development and constant support.

    We provide solutions so you can meet your goals A simple to use content management systems let you focus on your business objectives.

    We help organisations drive their business forward using technological innovation to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce costs. Our extensive range of services can be tailored to your specific needs and our approach is to build one-to-one relationships with client organisations and adapt the services we offer to their specific requirements.

    We are renowned for developing long term relationships with our clients and we strive to offer the most suitable service that maximises business benefit.

    Our support contracts are flexible and fairly priced to give you and your staff full IT Support and beyond. We will also offer you remote support to meet your IT demands.All our experts have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with a professional business solution.



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